Wheels That Last

Tire and Wheels Services

Tires are the best investment you can make for your vehicle. The comfort, durability, safety, and performance are major factors that need to be considered when purchasing tires. We are proud to mention that we have all sorts of tires ranging from budget friendly ones to the best of the best. We will ensure that you leave our shop satisfied! We also provide alignments for all vehicles!

Commercial Tires

Semi-truck or big vehicle? Not to worry, we’ve got sizes of all sorts and we’re certified to work on your money maker!  Come visit us and we willll get you sorted out right away!

Tire Services

We’re here to balance, rotate, repair, replace your tires and more! If you have a TPMS warning, we can get you squared away! We’ve got a wide range of tires from budget friendly to our higher tiers like Michelin, etc!


Buying wheels is very important to making your car look newer. We offer lots of aftermarket wheels that will make your car look slick. We offer black rims, chrome, gold and more!